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VAN MORRISONIl 10 giugno prossimo viene ripubblicato il doppio dal vivo del 1974 It’s To Late To Stop Now, uno dei dischi dal vivo più belli di sempre di Van Morrison. E allo stesso tempo Morrison pubblica It’s Too Late to Stop Now: Volume II, III, IV & DVD (3 CD+DVD Box Set)

Ecco il contenuto:

CD 1
1. Come Running
2. These Dreams of You
3. The Way Young Lovers Do
4. Snow in San Anselmo
5. I Just Want to Make Love to You
6. Bring It on Home to Me
7. Purple Heather
8. Hey, Good Lookin’
9. Bein’ Green
10. Brown Eyed Girl
11. Listen to the Lion
12. Hard Nose the Highway
13. Moondance
14. Cyprus Avenue
15. Caravan

CD 2
1. I’ve Been Working
2. There There Child
3. No Way
4. Since I Fell for You
5. Wild Night
6. I Paid the Price
7. Domino
8. Gloria
9. Buona Sera
10. Moonshine Whiskey
11. Ain’t Nothing You Can Do
12. Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket
13. Sweet Thing
14. Into the Mystic
15. I Believe to My Soul

CD 3
1. Listen to the Lion
2. I Paid the Price
3. Bein’ Green
4. Since I Fell for You
5. Into the Mystic
6. Everyone
7. I Believe to My Soul
8. Sweet Thing
9. I Just Want to Make Love to You
10. Wild Children
11. Here Comes the Night
12. Buona Sera
13. Domino
14. Caravan
15. Cyprus Avenue

1. Here Comes the Night
2. I Just Want to Make Love to You
3. Brown Eyed Girl
4. Moonshine Whiskey
5. Moondance
6. Help Me
7. Domino
8. Caravan
9. Cyprus Avenue

I primi tre sono CD, il quarto è il DVD (durata: 99 minuti).

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